Monday, February 1, 2010

28 days of blah...

Dear February,

You are my Husband's least favorite month. You're cold. You're dreary. The lack of sunshine by this part of winter is overbearing. I know you're only 28 days long (most years), but for him, you last an eternity.

For some reason, he also hates his birthday. Yup, it's in February. I don't understand this hate of the birthday, because starting March 1st, it's "Happy Birthday MONTH" to me! Anyway, he doesn't like his birthday or any attention that it brings. So, what am I supposed to do with that? It's no fun trying to celebrate someone's birthday who doesn't enjoy it. Oh, and this year, his birthday happens to be on Super Bowl Sunday. Typically, I'd say that was a good thing because we can go to a Super Bowl party and spend the day with his friends, with good food, good drinks, and a good game. But no, not this year. See, we're not Colts fans. Shhh... I know we live in Indy. That's part of the problem. Do you know how much media coverage there is about this team? When you're not a fan: It's so annoying. So that doesn't make things better. And given that we're not fans, it's not like we're welcome at anyone's Super Bowl party.

So, February, let's make a deal. You bring the sunshine and warmer temperatures. And I'll try to get Hubs to even acknowledge your existence. Rather than him turning the calendar directly from January to March. That's right, his calendar is turned to March for two months in a row! Wait a minute... that means Happy Birthday Month(s) to me! Let the celebration begin! Maybe this February-hate isn't such a bad thing, afterall!

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