Tuesday, May 26, 2009

show and tell: messy

This post is my first contribution to Mom's Marble's new "Show and Tell" feature. Go check it out and play along! (Though it may not be 100% what they're going for, I wanted to participate -and encourage you to as well- and hope to do so more in the future.)

As some of you know, Punkin has "issues" with food - especially certain textures. He's also not a fan of trying new things most of the time. Whenever he does try something new, I get super excited. We do our best to get him to try new things/textures, even if it means we're "forcing" him to eat ice cream or other yummy (though nutritionally devoid) items. (We're so mean!)

Here's his first experience with pudding.

Not too sure:

Hmmm... this might not be too bad:

Pudding is awesome (and MESSY):

Having that mess on his face is quite an accomplishment. Though he did demand its removal within .5 seconds of the picture being taken!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I hate:
  • when I yell at Punkin
  • that I feel like sometimes the only way Punkin hears me is if I yell
  • that when I make dinner (which is a rarity) I expect applause and cheers and a parade thrown in my honor
  • when I make dinner (which is a rarity) but it doesn't turn out how I hoped
  • that I'm disorganized and can't seem to hold on to the motivation to do much about it
  • that middle school doesn't feel so far away some days when I wonder if people like me
  • that this list has become self-indulgent and whiny

I love:

  • that I'm married to the most wonderful man in the world
  • that Punkin loves to talk and ask questions (even if it is "why?" every 3 seconds)
  • Punkin's toes. Seriously, they're the only toes I've ever not thought were completely and utterly disgusting
  • that my relationships with my brothers have grown as we've all gotten older
  • that I'm actually looking forward to the day my parents move to the same town as me
  • that I've been blessed by the friendships of great women from my moms group
  • that God is faithful and loves me unconditionally
  • that this list makes the first list seem so small

What about you? What makes your lists?

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