Wednesday, January 27, 2010

saying it out loud

Not too long ago, I posted about wanting to be more intentional in 2010. I think about this phrase quite a bit every day. Unfortunately, I've come to realize that just thinking about it doesn't make it so. (If only.) Guess I need to put together some more concrete areas I need to focus on and come up with some steps to guage my progress.

So, in an effort to create some kind of accountabilty with my readers reader, I'm putting it out there and saying it out loud.

Things to be more intentional about in 2010:

Cooking - Menu Plan. Everyone's doing it - at least that's how it seems on the internet. For some reason, this is very daunting to me, but I'm not sure why. Probably because it's planning. Not something I'm terribly great at.

Household Maintenance - Create a "schedule" that will include daily/weekly tasks that need to be done. Then DO IT. (I could also add Organization - Figure It Out. I hate being so disorganized.)

Blogging - Do more than just "write posts in my head". Be devoted to spending time at the computer writing, rather than just reading everyone else's blogs.

Photography - Keep doing Project 360 - and miss less days (oops).

Spiritual Life - Figure out the best plan that speaks to me. Not what everyone else says I should be doing, but what I know helps me grow in my relationship with God. Something I heard at a conference several months ago: "Jesus never journaled.". It's not just something that lets me off the hook, but the point is - don't follow any man-created formula for your relationship with God, but find the thing that works to draw me closer to Him.

So, there's the start to my list. I know there's much more I could add to it, but for now, I think that's a good start.

What about you? Anything you know you need to take action on rather than just think about?
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