Tuesday, May 26, 2009

show and tell: messy

This post is my first contribution to Mom's Marble's new "Show and Tell" feature. Go check it out and play along! (Though it may not be 100% what they're going for, I wanted to participate -and encourage you to as well- and hope to do so more in the future.)

As some of you know, Punkin has "issues" with food - especially certain textures. He's also not a fan of trying new things most of the time. Whenever he does try something new, I get super excited. We do our best to get him to try new things/textures, even if it means we're "forcing" him to eat ice cream or other yummy (though nutritionally devoid) items. (We're so mean!)

Here's his first experience with pudding.

Not too sure:

Hmmm... this might not be too bad:

Pudding is awesome (and MESSY):

Having that mess on his face is quite an accomplishment. Though he did demand its removal within .5 seconds of the picture being taken!


Mom's Marbles said...

This is perfect! Trying new foods with your kiddos is always a great idea. :)
Thanks for playing along. I hope you'll be back next week when the Mr. Linky will hopefully be working.

Anonymous said...

My son who is a preemie had texture issues.
I know ALL about that!
Good Luck, and thats REALLY awesome he tried it, and liked it!

Jo said...

Haha that is awesome. :)

Hosting a new giveaway - won't be necessary for you now, but could make a great cape for your little pumpkin ;-)

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