Tuesday, April 21, 2009

excitement builds

Okay, so I still have no idea if I can really walk 5 miles all at once or not, but I'm getting more and more excited about the upcoming March for Babies walk for the March of Dimes.

1) The weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend. Sunny. And. Warm. I could really use some Sunny. And. Warm. right about now.

2) I got an email from the local coordinator discussing the details of the day. Sounds like they have some great things planned. And the walk ends at a local park, so the Hubs and Punkin will be able to meet me there and Punkin will be able to have some fun while he waits... and waits... and waits... Oh, and also the email mentioned a 4 mile walk... so maybe Punkin won't have to wait quite so long.

3) I am completely overwhelmed and grateful to my many sponsors. I had no idea what to set my fundraising goal at, but I am thrilled to see that I have blown right past it. I can't believe how generous so many have been! And it's for such a great cause!

If you'd like to join this awesome list of sponsors, go here:

4) I am hoping to meet some wonderful ladies whose blogs I follow or who I follow on twitter. It's been amazing to see the internet community band together and support Maddie and her family. We may not all have met Maddie, but she has impacted so many people in so many positive ways. I hope the walk can be another celebration of her much too short life... and will help improve the health of babies everywhere.


Kristi said...

It was so great walking with you and meeting you today!

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