Monday, January 5, 2009

connect the dots

So, in response to my previous post "what does this mean?"...

It's still a guessing game. The Punkin has been through so many allergy tests and I really thought we'd have all the answers after today's visit... turns out we just got more conflicting information...

So, as a recap (of only the most recent tests):
Blood shows allergies to: peanuts, wheat, dairy, eggs
Skin prick test shows allergies to: eggs, corn, mustard seed, cats, but not to peanuts, wheat, or dairy
Skin patch test shows allergies to: peanuts, wheat (small reaction), dairy, corn, turkey(!), green beans, but not eggs

Yeah... anyone care to tell me what we're supposed to do with that information?

In addition to the food allergies, the other complex issue is that Punkin also has eosiniphilic espophagitis (ee). This basically means he has white spots/stripes (eosiniphils) in his esophagus. Normally you should have 0 eosiniphils in an esophagus; his last biopsy showed 60+ per area (anything over 15 is considered having ee). On the plus side, he doesn't have most of the symptoms of ee (vomiting, not thriving, difficulty swallowing, etc.).

The allergist is going to a conference in early March where he'd like to discuss Punkin's case with a few other doctors... that's always encouraging...
Off to send the photo of Punkin's back to the allergist so he has it for his files...


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