Friday, February 27, 2009

remaining balance

I received a Keurig Coffee Maker for Christmas and I absolutely love it! (No, they're not paying me to say that.) Now that I can easily (and I do mean easily*) make a cup of delicious coffee anytime I want to, I told myself that there is no reason to pay for Starbucks. Of course, occasionally, it's nice to have a special treat... especially when I'm not home and don't have access to my awesome coffee maker.

A friend of mine gave me a gift card to Starbucks for Christmas (score!), so this has been perfect to use when I'm out and about and wanting a fix. This morning, after I paid for my latte and coffee cake, I looked at my receipt and saw my remaining balance on the card is now $1.25.

Anyone know what you can get at Starbucks for $1.25? I didn't think so. My birthday is coming up, so maybe I'll be lucky enough to score some gift cards (hint, hint). Ahem.

* Seriously, making coffee has never been easier. I know it's not hard to make coffee in the first place, but it doesn't get easier than putting in a k-cup, hitting the button, waiting 30 seconds and having a steaming cup ready for your consumption. And the clean-up? Brilliant. No dirty coffee grounds or filters to deal with. Throw away the k-cup and you're done. E.A.S.Y. (Yes, I'm lazy, why do you ask?)


Lori said...

You know, I think I saw some K-cup coupons recently! I will investigate further...

punkinmama said...

Oh, excellent, Lori! I'd appreciate any info on where I might find some coupons for them! Thanks!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi and welcome to MBC!

Savvy-Motherhood said...

Welcome to MBC! :)

Rob said...

I have one too and I love it. DId you know you can make a hot cup of water to make oatmeal in the morning quickly for the kids. It means that in about 5 seconds I can make all three girls oatmeal all at once.


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