Wednesday, February 18, 2009

all boy

So Punkin and I went to the local children's museum this week. It was a blast. We had so much fun together - I seriously couldn't believe just how much fun we had. I mean, I don't even remember yelling or getting upset even one time! Success.

Anyway, as I watched Punkin exploring, it struck me how much "boy" he really is. (Not to say girls don't behave similarly, but to me, all I could keep thinking is, "He's such a boy." Don't get me started on the fact that he growing up way too quickly... that's a whole other post or two.)

Punkin loves to watch how things work. He could have stood and watched the balls go around and around in this for hours. Of course, it didn't hurt that he also got to push the balls up a couple of columns to be re-released into the machine.

Another example of this was over the weekend when we were at a mall with an escalator. Punkin and I went up and down about a hundred times (I wish I was exaggerating). Punkin would occassionaly stop at the bottom and just watch the handrails disappear into the middle. A woman commented on him trying to figure out how it worked. She also complimented me on just letting him explore and watch and not rush him. This was a huge compliment to me!

Here's pictures of Punkin in the construction area. I think he went up the ramp, around, and back down pushing the wheelbarrow for about an hour. He would fill the wheelbarrow with "rocks", walk around, dump them out, walk back down, and start all over again. He was completely satisfied doing this over and over and over.

One quick rest for a couple of books.

And of course... the infamous train table. I don't know any boy who doesn't love to play at a train table. Of course, I thought this would be a goldmine at home providing hours of entertainment (read: quiet play while I have time to blog, etc.)... unfortunately, Punkin is much more entertained by train tables anywhere other than home. When we're home, he'd rather play cars with Mama.

But the ultimate example of Punkin being all boy... well, this wasn't at the museum (thankfully), but the Hubs and I were talking on the couch when Punkin started straining and turning red. I knew what was coming, or at least I thought I did, until when he was done, Punkin looks at us and says, "That was a BIG poopie!"

Ah, boys.

(**Note to self: remember the real camera next time... cell phone pictures don't quite capture all the moments.**)


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